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Our maintenance solutions for hearing aids

We have designed, developed and manufactured customized traditional and electronic medical devices for the care and maintenance of hearing aids for more than 20 years. Our extensive expertise enables us to meet the specific needs of every customer by providing bespoke solutions. Our products are monitored and inspected at every stage of production to comply with health and safety requirements and the European Commission’s Medical Device Regulation (EU) 2017/745.

  • Safe for hearing aids
  • Minimizing the risks of allergy
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Why use a maintenance solution for hearing aids?

The miniaturization of electrical components has created hearing aids that are more sophisticated and more discreet, but they are also more delicate. They require special care, regular maintenance and tailored products to guarantee optimal performance.



Hearing aid specialists
A poorly or inadequately maintained hearing aid will not provide the user with a pleasant experience; he or she may soon stop wearing it. Ensuring the systematic use of a maintenance device for hearing aids will guarantee your customers’ daily well-being and comfort as they become familiar with hygiene solutions.
If hearing aids are not regularly maintained, they may become damaged more quickly and stop working. Providing hearing aids with maintenance solutions will limit after-sales service contact.