Listening to our customers to put their issues at the heart of our business.

We do our utmost to provide our customers with a comprehensive service, from design to delivery

Hervé P., sales director

Product customization

Customization is our core business. We are a diligent and flexible company, providing our customers with a comprehensive service from the design of customized packaging to the creation of bespoke products.


We offer a complete range of cleaning, dehumidification and care products with fully customizable packaging: incorporation of a company’s graphic charter, regulatory compliance with the ISO standard, updated safety precautions and directions for use and more…


We have a research and development department and an integrated design department that allows us to be responsive and flexible in all circumstances, without compromising on quality.

Thus, beyond the packaging, we can customize each electronic device, in an optimal time …


We have a Research & Development department that includes a Design center, enabling us to be responsive and flexible at all times, with a permanent focus on providing the very highest quality.

In addition to packaging, we can quickly customize every electronic device. This ranges from a simple adjustment of the design to the complete creation and development of a specific solution for the customer.
In this event, we discuss with the customer, analyzing key issues and anticipating users’ needs to create an innovative product.

We always respond to the needs of our customers and the market to create innovative electronic devices, such as PerfectClean.

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The customer is our key concern. We are always at our customers’ disposal

Hervé P., head of sales management.


Our integrated Research and Development department is a real asset and improves responsiveness: we are able to design a product in a shorter time than other market players

Philippe S., former head of R&D.


We always listen to our customers to anticipate market needs

Herve P., sales director.

Ever closer customer connections

We develop strong and close relationships with all our customers. As a creative, responsive company, we are and will always be here to help.