Designing and developing bespoke maintenance solutions for hearing aids, all over the world.

We make things easier for hearing aid manufacturers and brands by providing bespoke solutions and customized support.

José G., managing director.

A key player on the hearing market

We are a people-focused international company.
We design, develop, manufacture and deliver bespoke maintenance solutions for hearing aids, all over the world.

Customer satisfaction is our eternal priority.

As demanding individuals who are here to help, we are committed to using our expertise to serve each and every one of you.

As such, we always consider your constraints and applicable laws and regulations as we work.

Whatever your request, we respond promptly, tailoring our response to provide a creative solution without ever compromising on design or quality.

Innovation drives us.

We’re not content to simply address today’s needs.

We anticipate tomorrow’s requirements.

We have continued to hone our processes over the years to improve our products and create new ones, offering customized solutions for you and your customers that are more efficient and simpler to use for truly customer-centric innovation.

Our values

As a company, we are:



Innovation drives us. We constantly anticipate market needs by developing new products that are tailored to the market’s current hearing aids and those of the future.



We develop strong and close relationships with all our customers. We support them and are here to respond to their requirements.

As a creative, responsive company, we are and will always be here to help.



We are as exacting in terms of quality (ISO 13485 certification) as we are in terms of the design and aesthetic appeal of the solutions we develop.

We work constantly to improve all our business processes.



Our response to every request is different because every request is unique.

No matter where a company is based, we always consider its constraints in terms of the country’s current laws and regulations.

We customize products and we design specific solutions, based on our customers’ requirements.



Years of expertise ensure that we are ready and responsive in all circumstances, without ever compromising on quality. We respond quickly to all product design requests and strive to meet production and delivery deadlines around the world.

An international presence

We work with the global market’s major players. With our international presence (France, Pittsburgh as part of the American market and Singapore as part of the Asian Pacific market), we can meet our customers’ needs in more than 40 countries in Europe, the United States, South America and Asia.
  • ISO 13485 certification
  • Adjustments to local regulations
  • Inventory and supply management
  • Customs management
  • Market launches

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