Canister wipes


The wipes are a cleaning product for the maintenance of hearing aids and earmolds.

They remove earwax responsible for the decrease in sound quality, increases the life of hering systems and preserves their effectiveness.

  • Available in plastic canisters containing 30, 90 or 160 wipes.


  • Hearing aids
  • Earmolds

Standards and certifications

  • Meets Class I medical device requirements
  • Meets the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on Medical Devices
  • Meets environmental and health and safety requirements
see the instructions


Remove the lid from the dispenser box.

Cut the bag, leave the wipes in the plastic bag. The first is at the center.

Pull it until the pre-cut line, then detach it by giving a sharp tug, then put the lid back on the box.

To take the wipe easily, pull to the side.

After use, close the lid.

Clean the surface thoroughly with a cleaning wipe, allow the fluid to act for 1 minute.

Dry the hearing aid or earmold with a soft, dry cloth.

The cleaning wipe is for single use. Throw it away after use.


Hearing aids and earmolds should be cleaned daily.


+ Flammable liquid and vapor

+ Keep out of reach of children

+ For external use only

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The only electronic medical device for comprehensive maintenance including cleaning, dehumidification and UV-C disinfection for all types of hearing aid.

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