Dermoprotective gel


The dermoprotective gel hydrates and lubricates the ear canal to make it easier to insert hearing aids, without damaging them, and improve tolerance.

Made with a natural and moisturizing active ingredient known for its powerful anti-irritation properties, it soothes the ear canal without irritating the skin. Its skin compatibility has been tested by a clinical institute.

  • Available in a 5ml plastic tube.


  • Hearing aids

Standards and certifications

  • Meets Class I medical device requirements
  • Meets the Regulation (EU) 2017/745 on Medical Devices
  • Meets environmental and health and safety requirements
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Coat the hearing aids with a thin layer of gel before inserting them.

Caution: do not block the openings of the hearing aids.


+ Do not swallow

+ Keep out of reach of children

+ For external use only

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